2022 IASJ New York Participants

2022 IASJ New York Participants


The main activity of the 2022 IASJ Jazz Meeting is the formation of at least six combos. The combos consist of advanced students of top level schools from all over the world. The main selection criteria are the balance in the combo and the mix of nationalities.

The IASJ combos rehearse daily during the week and are coached by one or two teachers. At the end of the week every combo performs one set of about 45 minutes in the performance space 'The Stone' of the New School. They perform mainly compositions of members of the combos. The performances are recorded and documented.

The teacher concert

At the second day of the 2022 IASJ Jazz Meeting, the teachers perform in an informal setting. The main goal of this concert is getting to know each other. However, quite often collaboration between teachers continues and international formations are formed.

Schedule of the week: click on 2022 IASJ New York Schedule





the performance space

Performance Space 1100x730

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IASJ - W. Turkenburg - Unit 2
3e Binnenvestgracht 23-J
The Netherlands

Send email to: info@iasj.com

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